Developmental service. This service is internal CUAHSI use, and evaluation.

This function returns a string formatted as XML containing Unidata North American Model (NAM) time series data. The function takes Latitude/Longitude coordinates in decimal degrees at a single point.returns the time series of total precipitation. The function uses NCEP North American Model : AWIPS 218 (B) grid over the continental United States - Model runs are made at 06Z, 12Z, 18Z and 00Z, with analysis and forecasts every 3 hours out to 84 hours. Grid dimensions are 614 by 428 points, and the resolution is 12.19 km. The east and west longitudinal extents of the grid (in decimal degrees) are -49.30897 and -133.49621. The north and south latitude extents of the grid (in decimal degrees) are 57.35624 and 12.12367. For more information please refer to

Valid Variables include:

    1 - Total Precipitation (kg m-2 or mm rainfall)

This service will only produce the latest forecast. Any dates only narrow the returned data for this request. The current valid range of date and time for data retrieval is from today to 2 days in the future (format = yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm).If no dates are passed, Today to three days from now are the default values.

Test arguments: GetValues("GEOM:POINT(-113 45)", "NAM:1", null, null)

Test arguments: GetValues("GEOM:POINT(-113 45)", "NAM:1", [Current Time in yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm format], )

The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description.